About the IID Prize



INTERNATIONAL – The World Prize for excellence in international integrated development and is international in all senses. It is open to all persons or organizations from anywhere in the world who meet the criteria and are nominated in the manner specified. It concerns international development and thus is oriented to less developed regions of the world. An international Selection Panel that is highly experienced in integrated development assesses Nominations.


INTEGRATED – The World Prize for International Integrated Development honours persons or organizations who have made an outstanding contribution to development in a manner that acknowledges the integrity of all aspects of life and learning as the basis for comfortable human existence. In intellectual terms this means, for example, working within the continuum of informed research, education and communication across all relevant disciplines. In other ways it means appreciation of the need to ensure life’s essentials, such as basic food, basic shelter and essential warmth, and basic medical care when sick.


DEVELOPMENT – The World Prize for International Integrated Development interprets development in its original form of unfolding and growing derived from the cultivation of conditions that allow new situations to arise. This is considered to be similar to the origins of words in many languages of the developing world that are used to translate ‘development’, which have their origins in cultivation of personal understanding as the basis for wise actions that yield beneficial outcomes.


PRIZE – The World Prize is the highest honour accorded a person or an organization engaged in integrated development, and is conferred in the form of a certificate, cash, a ceremony and public lecture. It is independent of multinational or national organizations of government(s), non-government organizations, universities and private interests, and hence persons from these and all other backgrounds are eligible, with the exception of staff and associates of the Sponsor.

The prize includes the award of €20,000 while also acknowledging the philosophy persons engaged in international integrated development are not usually seeking such rewards. Accordingly, prize monies may be donated or otherwise used at the discretion of the Laureate. The Prize is seen as adding value to the legacy of the profession’s past wise integrators in international development.


INITIATOR  – Prof. Lindsay Falvey in cooperation with NIRAS Group, a consulting company working with multidisciplinary international development through NIRAS International Consulting. The first prize giving ceremony was held on September 9th 2016.


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