NIRAS Foundation, the owner of the NIRAS Group has agreed to sponsor the World Prize for International Integrated Development for its initial years to mark the 60 years anniversary of the company. NIRAS International Consulting (NIC) is the development arm of the NIRAS Group.

The Prize reflects NIRAS’ and NIC’s multidisciplinary and integrated approaches to development. NIC is engaged in international projects from design to implementation and evaluation, drawing on more than 40 years’ experience in international development, with its foundation in Nordic and Scandinavian development cooperation and its basic values. With over 300 current projects, it is one of the largest European consultancy groups in its fields of ODA financed international development, which include; integrated rural development and livelihoods, agriculture, food science, technology, climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency, forestry, land administration, private sector development, water, health, vocational education and life skills training, policies for transition, governance and public administration reforms, sustainable development, and a range of other fields.

NIRAS is dedicated to building a knowledge based organisation dedicated to learning and delivery. In 2015, NIRAS initiated its Young Professional Academy, a two year career programme for building the next generation of professional development staff. NIRAS Evaluation and Results Unit has undertaken more than 250 development project evaluations over the past four years.

In addition to its primary offices in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland, UK and Serbia,  NIRAS has subsidiary offices in Australia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Palestine, Turkey and Ukraine, all of which are linked through advanced information systems. As a responsible global citizen, NIRAS insists on ethical business practices and accountability to clients, employees and society; it is a signatory to the UN’s Global Compact of businesses committed to principles of human rights, labour, environment and incorruption that benefit all economies and societies. In sponsoring the World Prize for International Integrated Development, NIRAS aims to enhance awareness of the need for dedicated professional commitment in international development and the need for integrated and broad-based approaches to creating sustainable solutions.



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