Owned by a Foundation and its employees, the NIRAS Group is an international multi­disciplinary consultancy firm creating sustainable development solutions across the globe. The inaugural 2016 World Prize for Integrated Development was launched to mark the 60- year anniversary of NIRAS and reflects the company’s multidisciplinary and integrated approach to development. NIRAS works broadly, building skills and capacity in support of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and helps its partners and clients improve livelihoods and develop future societies that are well-planned and governed and based on climate-smart and environmentally sustainable solutions. We have extensive expertise in the fields of construction, ­infrastructure, public utilities, environment and nature, energy, analysis and planning, GIS, geodata and automation, food and beverage processing, socioeconomics, management and IT, as well as development consulting. Since its ­inception in 1956, the NIRAS Group has grown steadily and today employs about 2200 professionals located in 51 offices in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

A key business unit with an annual turnover of EUR 65 million, NIRAS Development Consulting employs +300 permanent staff who specialise  in work in developing countries and has five offices each in Africa and Asia, respectively, as well as European head offices in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Poland, Serbia and Sweden. While our main focus had initially been on rural development, food security, and agribusiness, over the years, NIRAS Development Consulting has expanded its expertise to an broad number of fields including climate change and the green economy; renewable energy; land tenure security and administration; water resource management; vocational education, training and employment promotion; monitoring and evaluation; good governance; and human rights and gender. A selection of our expertise is presented in this brochure.

As excellence in service delivery depends on the quality of our experts, in 2015 NIRAS launched the Young Professional Academy – a two-year career development programme for young talent building practical real-world skills.

NIRAS is committed to ethical business practices and accountability towards our customers, employees, and society and applies an OECD- and FIDIC-compliant Business Integrity Management System as a tool to prevent corruption and bribery. As a ­signatory to the UN’s Global Compact, we fully adhere to principles that respect human and labour rights, protect and conserve the environment, and promote transparency. Through the more than 8,000 projects we have undertaken, NIRAS is doing its part to create sustainable solutions and contribute to meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All NIRAS results reporting is now linked to their contributions to one or several of the SDGs.